Bonjour! My name is Estelle Tracy, I am a chocolate addict and French food blogger with a passion for American craft chocolate. In June of 2015, I committed to sample 37 US-made chocolates by my 37th birthday on Halloween of 2015. This delicious journey took me to many different places, from grocery stores to coffee shops, from online exchanges with makers to actually meeting one in person. Like music or writing, I learned that craft chocolate is a powerful way for an artist to express his or her personality. Along the way, I met several makers whose approach to making chocolate resonated with me. 

Mackenzie Rivers, founder of Map Chocolate in Oregon. Her chocolate touched me like no other, bringing tears to my eyes like a piece of art. Her chocolates are balanced, smooth thanks to the right use of cocoa butter, and beautifully wrapped. She includes a story of the chocolate into each wrapper.

Robert Campbell, founder of Chocolate Alchemist in Philadelphia, is a charismatic chocolate-maker with a strong passion for his craft. He favors the use of cacao blends over single origin cacao, as he finds he can better express his personality through blends. His chocolates are assertive (dare I say, masculine?), yet very balanced.

Laurie Rice, founder of Dulcinea Chocolate in Pittsburgh, touched me with her delicate bars, which are wrapped in the most romantic wrappers. The Tanzania and Guatemala bars are perfect for the milk chocolate lover willing to dip their toes in the world of dark chocolate.

Today, I am very proud and honored to offer several bars by these makers so you can experience the magic yourself. I hope you enjoy. 

You can contact me at 37chocolates(at) I'd love to help you find the right chocolate for you!