• Image of 37 Chocolates Tasting Set
  • Image of 37 Chocolates Tasting Set

The collection is inspired by cold lemonade and margaritas by the pool, so expect to taste lemon, salt, and sunshine in these summery bars.

It includes:

- Two 1-oz, 70% dark chocolate with Hawaiian Red Salt bar by Wm. Chocolate. Try pairing it with a glass of Albariño, a Spanish white wine known for its salty notes.
- One 1.8 oz 70% dark chocolate bar by Qantu Chocolate (Gran Blanco) with citrus and and honey notes. Its lack of bitterness makes it easy to pair with wine. It’s phenomenal with Cointreau-based drinks.
- A 2-oz vegan lemon bar chocolate by Xocolla, a dairy-free wonder made with cocoa butter and lemons. Pair with a freshly baked blueberry pie.

All chocolate bars are vegan and soy-free.

Please email me at estelle(at)37chocolates.com for substitutions or to include a personalized note.